Green Protocol Cell

Green protocol cell “Green Protocol is based on three principles—reduce, reuse and recycle. Green protocol is essentially a set of measures which when implemented results in significant reduction of waste with primary focus on prevention of use of disposables and using reusable alternatives like glass/stainless/porcelain cutleries.

 Avoid the use of all types of disposables (including plastic, paper) in daily life.
 Always use cups and containers that can be washed and reused instead of those made of plastic or paper.
 Avoid banned plastic materials; follow government rules in this regard.
 Segregate bio and non-bio degradable; compost bio degradable at source using simple and appropriate composting devices.
 Keep the non-bio degradable clean and dry and store separately based the type; hand it over to local body systems or scrap dealer for recycling.
 Avoid ‘use and throw’ carry bags. Always use bags made of eco-friendly materials.
 Always use cloth banners instead of flex.
 Use bamboo baskets or ones made of eco-friendly materials instead of plastic waste baskets.
 Always use eco-friendly materials like leaves flowers etc for decoration and while making bouquets for felicitating guests.
Composition of Green Protocol Cell:

Mrs Sruthi Assistant ProfessorCivil dept
Mrs Anupama Sathyan S Assistant Professor IT dept
Mrs Salu Lekshman Assistant Professor IT dept
Mrs Khadira Safar Assistant Professor EEE dept
Mrs Priyamvadha Assistant Professor Physics depth
Mrs Anu S Ram Assistant Professor ECE dept
Mrs Suma C S Assistant Professor CSE dept