UCEK arts club is one of the biggest cultural extravaganza club of University college of Engineering, one which encompasses music, dance and fine arts & craft, encasing them in a dynamic dosage of fun and entertainment. Three clubs comes under the Arts club

1. Dance Club

The word dance itself alludes rhythm and the artistic flow of beats. It is a performing art, a creative portal, and an ever-evolving form of expression. Dance club aimed to promote the culture of dance among the students. It gives dance lovers an opportunity to prove their talent and is a great platform for their artistic skills. Its not only for people who want to become a professional dancer, but also those who want to meet people of all ages with common interests.

Purpose and interests

1) To nurture and explore the talent of both the students and the club members

2) Focus on the individual growth as well as the overall development of the club

3) To organize workshops for students focused on dance particularly for freshers

Faculty coordinators

1. Smt. Anupama Sathyan, AP in IT

2. Smt. Nimmy Kokila, AP in CSE

2. Music Club

Music is the language of soul. The music club, one of the most prolific clubs in the college has brought back many laurels to the college winning in competitions across the country. Anybody with an ardent interest in music is sure to find a spot in the club. The club has been catering to the music needs of the college almost since its inception. With an expert panel of teachers, seniors, the club is sure to teach you something new.The music club encourages talents in musical-instruments as well as vocal.The club aims to facilitate the exchange of musical ideas, develop an appreciation for music and boost up musical development opportunities will be provided to the budding musicians to explore their talents.

Faculty coordinators

1. Smt. Minu J Mohan, AP in CSE

2. Smt. Khadira Safar, AP in EEE

3. Smt. Nithu Prabha, AP in Maths


Art & Craft club is a platform to develop aesthetic values and enhance the creative skills and artistic talents of students.


1. Members as an artist will understand their role in creativity and cultural industries.

2. Evaluating and appreciating members’ effort through different competitions.

3. Promote and support art enthusiasts to propagate and contribute to special activities.

Art & Crafts club mainly organizes an exhibition at Main building where the team displays its art collection like Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Water Colour painting , Poster Colour painting, Digital Art, Classroom art, Pencil Sketching, Oil pastels, Pen/ink art, Pencil color shading, Glass painting, Fabric painting, Embroidery, Pot designs, Best out of Waste (Junk Art) The team shows its innovation, creativity and hard work through exhibitions in odd semester and an annual gathering in even semester. The club organizes its inauguration at the start of every semester for freshers or new aspirants to join.. To be a part is not a difficult task. Unlike other clubs, 'Art and craft club' does not have its audition but simply expects new aspirants to attend its inauguration program and join. For any art lover, it's a great opportunity and a firm platform to learn, improve and showcase art skills. The club more than a team, is a family with a lot of fun and entertainment.

Faculty coordinators

1. Smt. Soumya S Rajan, AP in Chemistry

2. Smt. Sruthy G S, AP in Civil Engineering