Teaching and Learning Cell

The Cell has the main intention of providing a conducive environment for teaching and learning in the institution. It organizes programmes and add-on courses to motivate teachers and students and groom them into professionals of the highest professional and personal quality. It has been launched with the intent to improve quality in educational development at all stages of education by focussing on the preparation of teachers, their working conditions in classrooms and colleges and to gear their continuous professional development to ensure the best talent made available in the country to shape a future generation.


To be a Cell for facilitating studies, and implementation of innovative teaching-learning methodologies/ technologies under teaching-learning processes of the Institute, in better pursuit of quality for higher technical education to the level of world class education in the service of the nation.


1. Conducting Faculty Development Programmes.
2. Conducting Interactive sessions on ideas/thoughts/projects/personal experiences in education.
3. Peer appraisal of research projects.
4. Organizing orientation / training programmes for new recruits.
5. Conducting classes for Personality Development and Communication Skills.
6. Providing guidance to students for various competitive examinations.



Mrs.Priyamvada K C PHYSICS
Mrs.Suma C SCSE