Anti-Narco Club

The Anti-Narco Club was formed in our college based on directions from District Police Chief, Thiruvananthapuram (letter No.224/CAMP/CP/17-TC dated 09/02/2018) with Principal as the club chairman and SHO as the convenor. Accordingly, a meeting was conducted on 14.02.2018 evening 4.30 pm at Police Commissioner Office, Thiruvananthapuram. Further, steps to be taken to prevent use of drugs were discussed and decision was taken to motivate youngsters to follow good habits. Thereby, build a drug free campus with the cooperation of Students ,Teachers and PTA of the college.

The Anti-Narco Club has been constituted to ensure a drug free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption of drugs and alcohol by students within or outside the campus.

The duties of the Anti-Narco Club includes:

(I) organising awareness programmes in the college with the help of Government authorised agencies/organisations.
(II) educating the students about the ill-effects of drugs and alcohol
(III) encouraging peer policing among students against the use of drugs
(IV) reporting of any noticed use of drugs by the students to the students affairs committee are also duties of the Anti-Narco Club.

Members of Anti-Narco Club

Sl. NoName of MembersDesignation
1 Dr Bisharath BeeviPrincipal
2 Saina A R UGDean
3 Indu Salini GHOD in Electronics & Communication
4 Divya D T HOD in Computer Science
5 Sangeetha S Nair HOD in Information Technology